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Time may not be on your side, but we are. With our content marketing service, your knowledge will go an awfully long way and put your brand in front of a huge audience


What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing isn’t new. It’s been around since the dawn of business. But, in the digital age, it has become a complex marketing strategy that requires experience and creative flair to master. We’ve got both in abundance, and we’d love to help your business find its voice. Cold, hard sales tactics rarely work these days. Consumers and businesses are simply too smart. They still need help though; they have questions that need answering and research to carry out.

Effective content marketing ensures your business is the final destination for relevant Google searches. Through creative, strategic use of blogging, infographics and email marketing, we’ll tell your story and help you provide your market with free, actionable advice. This will enable you to build a highly engaged audience that will recognise you as being a thought leader within your field. And, in the digital economy, there’s nothing more powerful than that.

Giving away knowledge and advice for free might seem slightly bonkers, but it’s an extremely smart way to build trust with potential customers. The more you help them, the more they’ll return. And, one day, they might just press the ‘buy’ button. No matter the industry within which you operate, your business needs content marketing. Regardless of the products or services you sell or the size of the organisation, you have a handsome opportunity to gain a competitive advantage. Traditional marketing isn’t dead, but for it to work effectively and to ensure the business is capable of sustained growth, it needs to be accompanied by a concerted content marketing strategy.


Content marketing is the process of creating and sharing online material in order to put your business in front of a relevant audience. The material might be blogs, website copy, emails or infographics, but it must all follow the same tactic, which is to not explicitly promote the brand. Instead, it should stimulate interest in the products and services by offering actionable advice and help. Content marketing won’t provide overnight success; it’s designed to slowly build a rapport and layer of trust. By publishing regular content and distributing it via social media and email, we’ll help your business appear during your target market’s online research. These potential customers will be at the very start of their buying journey, but we’ll ensure you make the best first impression.

Business Blog

We’ll help you devise a blogging strategy that won’t result in a dormant company news page. Our masterful, creative copywriters will develop blog posts that give your business a personality and draw in and target only the most relevant audience.

Website Copy

A beautiful website is nothing without words that are designed to turn heads. Beyond business blogging, website copy plays a vital role throughout your web presence. Our team will write web pages that stimulate interest in your brand without resorting to tired sales tactics.

Email Copy

Business blogging can’t survive without an equally focused email marketing campaign. We know what it takes to keep email subscribers engaged, and we’ll help you share your content via the most direct channel available. With Click Assist, your emails won’t be cast aside.


We’re rather fond of words, but we also know how important visuals are when it comes to content marketing. Our brilliant designers will create beautiful infographics that tell your story and answer questions in the most engaging way possible. They won’t be able to take their eyes off you.

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Why Choose Click Assist?

We’ve got heaps of experience, and we’re easy to chat to. In a world full of faceless marketing agencies and content creation services that promise the world, that means a lot.

We started Click Assist because we wanted to help businesses like yours achieve their ambitions online. Our content marketing service will breathe new life into your strategy and put your business in front of more potential customers than ever before.