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Paid Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising for businesses who know they need it, but simply don’t have the time (or inclination) to get digitally dirty.

Paid Advertising

What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

Paid advertising isn’t the dark art many would have you believe, but it does require experience, patience and a great deal of skill to get right. Thankfully, we have all of that in abundance! From this point, we’ll refer to it as ‘PPC’, because that’s what you’ll hear countless times as you trawl the internet looking for worthy suppliers.

Actually - don’t. You’ve found one! At Click Assist, we have spent years honing our PPC skills, and we know it like the backs of our hands. Put simply, PPC advertising is a strategy any business can use to target very precise audiences. With PPC, you can ensure your advertising appears only on the screens of the people who are likely to become customers.

If you use a smartphone, tablet or laptop at any point during your everyday life, you’ll regularly come into contact with PPC advertising. Some of it will annoy you, but, sometimes, your attention will be grabbed. We specialise in creating campaigns that have the latter effect.

But, Why does my business need PPC?

You sell stuff, right? You want people to buy that stuff, yeah? PPC advertising will put your products and services right under their nose at just the right point in time.

There isn’t a single industry or size of business that can legitimately say it won’t benefit from PPC advertising. We’ve provide PPC services for businesses of all shapes and sizes across a range of sectors.

It’s the most contemporary form of advertising, and by harnessing the power of highly targeted campaigns, we’ll ensure you capture the interest of potential customers at the most impactful stage of their buying journey.

How Does PPC Work?

We work with Google Adwords, Facebook advertising and many other platforms to raise the profile of your brand and ensure your products, services and content appear within relevant search listings.

PPC comes in many forms, but there are two that should be present within every marketing plan:

  • Social PPC. Facebook offers one of the most comprehensive and powerful targeting tools you’ll find in marketing. The data they collect about users (everything from their age and location to hobbies and job information) can all be used legitimately to send product advertising to only the most relevant users’ news feeds.
  • Google Adwords. Yeah, we know there are more search engines out there than the big ‘G’, but this is the one you want to be found on. Google Adwords is their PPC platform - but it’s incredibly complicated. Powerful, but complex. Trust us - you haven’t got time. We have.

PPC Strategy

You may already have a PPC strategy that needs fine tuning… or you might be staring at a blank page. Whatever your position, our crack team of PPC ninjas will make it work - big time.

Audience Selection

We’ll work with you to suss out who you’d like to target with your PPC campaigns and then use our abundance of knowledge to suggest the most appropriate platform and targeting method.

Advert creation

A PPC campaign ain’t much use without an advert, is it? We have serious design and copywriting chops in-house, and they’ll create PPC adverts for you which are drop-dead gorgeous and highly engaging.

Analytic Reporting

A great PPC campaign is absolutely useless without analytical insight. We’ve been around long enough to know chest-beating doesn’t work; we’ll show you what works brilliant with PPC reporting.
If you are spoilt for choice,

Why choose Click Assist?

There are many, many PPC agencies out there - we know that. Therefore, we also know that you have a huge amount of choice when it comes to picking a PPC specialist.

We won’t resort to begging, but we will happily point out that we’re one of the freshest-thinking, most approachable PPC marketing specialists on the market.

We won’t bamboozle you with marketing jargon, nor will we smile vacantly as you tell us about your business; we genuinely want to understand exactly what makes you tick and become an extension of your team.