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Using a Marketing Agency can be overly complicated. Luckily, We Buck the Trend and Have a Simple Procedure That Can Be Broken Into 6 Easy Steps


Click Assist Love Making It Easy For You

Click Assist Know what it is like working with a marketing agency that just want to do their own thing and not get the customer involved. This can lead to confusion, emails back and fourth and long telephone conversations. Reflecting on this, it all results in one thing.  A waste of time. All of the confusion could have been avoided with a simple clear marketing strategy that involved the customer. At the end of the day, no one knows your business better than you so why would we not get you involved.

We have a refined method of getting you up and running with us along with an easy way to contact us in the unlikely case that something was to go wrong. We want everything to be easy for you so that you can focus on other things to do with your business. Whilst you focus on running your business, we will focus on having a hand in growing it.

We also like to keep you updated with the progress of your marketing with monthly reporting and the occasional catch up so that we can refine your marketing strategy to suit any new goals your business may have.

How Does it Work?


Say Hello

We start with a conversation to get an idea on how we can help you further your business.



Combining the brief you provide and our own research, we develop a proposal that is backed with extensive data.


Lets Talk Turkey

We ask you for a thorough, detailed brief that clearly identifies your goals as a business.


Welcome Aboard

Once you are happy with our proposal, we sign on the dotted line and brief our team on the plan of action.



We assess your digital footprint to get an idea of your current situation and what is required to further improve your success.


Time For Action

We get to work whilst you kick back, relax, and watch the awesome results roll in.