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It’s not just about funny cat videos! We know how to use social media properly. That means we’ll put your brand in front of the biggest audience possible.

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What is Social Media Marketing?

Once a platform for sharing holiday photos and tedious descriptions about last night’s dinner, social media is now a marketing powerhouse for business of all sizes. Our in-house team of social networking experts will help you make the most of this golden opportunity.

Head to any business website and you’ll probably see the standard row of social media logos somewhere on the page. Click them, and you’ll be greeted with one of two things - either a stream of rambling consciousness or a digital persona that draws you into the brand. We’re masters of the latter (we hate the former).

Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram are rich, engaging ways to build brand awareness and attract massive audiences. Social media marketing is all about defining your audience and creating a strategy that draws them in and ensures they remain active followers.

The social media marketing services we provide come in two flavours:

Organic: the process of publishing regular, insightful and engaging posts that attract a relevant audience

Social advertising: highly-targeted, ‘pay-per-click’ advertising designed to promote special offers, product launches and encourage newsletter subscriptions

Much like content marketing, organic social media marketing isn’t intended to deliver overnight success, but our team will become an extension of yours and ensure we put the right networks to use for you.We’re pretty nifty at social advertising, too, which will offer the quick-win sales boost you need when you’ve got something important to announce or promote.

Why Does My Business Need Social Media Marketing?

Your business needs social media marketing in the same way we all need water to live. A bit over the top? Not at all!

Picture the potential customer who visits your website, clicks on the link to your Twitter profile and discovers that you haven’t tweeted for three months, and when you did, it was to announce that you’d just had the office painted.

You can kiss goodbye to that prospect.

You don’t necessarily have to be on every social network going, but our team is smart enough to work out those that are most relevant to your business and which are likely to contain the followers you need.

How Does Social Media Marketing Work?

Our team of in-house social media experts will work with you to establish a solid social media strategy that will draw in an invaluable audience and make you look much more attractive than the competition. Sound simple? No, it doesn’t, does it? But that’s why we’re here.

We start by really getting to know you; this is a relationship we want to nurture and prove we’re in it for more than a casual fling. Once we understand your company ethos, it’s market and the audience it wants to attract, we’ll begin with the process of devising a social content plan.

Once the strategy is agreed, we’ll begin the fun stuff. This is where you can leave the daily posting of social content to our experts, but we’ll continue to work directly with you to refine your brand persona by delivering insightful analytics on the campaign’s performance.

Social Media Posting

You’re busy. Social media can be a drag. Let us do your social posting for you (properly) leaving you to concentrate on running your business.

Building Your Audience

Finding your audience is tough; engaging them is harder; keeping them on board without boring them to tears is a massive challenge. Leave it all to us.

Social Media Adverts

Social platforms offer incredibly powerful, targeted advertising opportunities. But, boy, are they fiddly. Thankfully, we know them like the back of our hands.

Analytics and Reporting

Posting all this stuff without reviewing its effectiveness would be daft, right? That’s why we’ll keep you in the know with insightful social analytics and reports.

Put away the selfies

Lets Talk Click Assist

We weren’t born yesterday; we know you have a huge number of options when it comes to social media marketing assistance. So, with that in mind, why should you choose Click Assist?

The reason’s simple; our approach is refreshingly straightforward, free of meaningless acronyms and marketing speak and will take one of the most important marketing jobs of the digital age off your hands. We’re properly easy to talk to, as well - and that makes all the difference.