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It can be tricky to master Email Marketing especially when the odds are stacked against you. Click Assist will help keep it clean and simple.

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Email Marketing is Not Outdated

There is a big consensus that email marketing is a thing of the past and is no longer effective. This is simply not true as it is still one of the largest marketing channels used by businesses in the UK (read more here). The problem lies with contact databases and how you can handle that lawfully. With GDPR inbound in 2018 Email Marketers need to have squeaky clean data that have a proof of opt-in. In simple terms this means purchasing data will become impossible without breaking the GDPR regulation. Building a database from scratch can be a slow process but also worth it. If you have an existing customer database that have opted into your mailings this is a big bonus.

Click Assist can help refine your process so that your customers receive good looking, informative emails that make them want to spend their cash with you. We will also help you integrate email automation  so that your hot leads don’t go cold. With email automation we can keep those leads warm until you are ready to tackle them.

We can work with your any Email Marketing Software. If price is a concern for you we would recommend that we bring you across to our provider so that we work very closely with to give you the best deal for your money. Not only that, we also really know the ins and outs of our provider which gives you the best chance of success.


Email Marketing is such a broad term so lets get more specific. We provide four key email marketing services that will take you to the next level. Whether you are just starting your journey or you are a veteran that needs to outsource, we can cater for you. If you need managed email marketing we can do the whole thing for you. If you need some guidance on how you can improve your current situation we can also help you. Our gurus have years of experience and are happy to share that with you.

Managed Startout

Click Assist will full manage your email marketing.

We will work with you to build a database and use it.

Email Automation

We will Create automated sequences that help nurture your leads.

Create automation for any scenario. From Birthday deals to checkout abandonment.

Managed takeover

We will takeover and manager your current email marketing.

We will keep your emails consistent so that your customers won't tell the difference.

Database Building

Let your website do the hard graft for you by automating email signups.

To help this Click assist offer a Website Design Service for ultimate harmony.

Unlock your Businesses Potential

Email Marketing is Key

Running a successful business takes a lot of hard work and dedication. This means having the time to do everything possible to further your business can sometimes be impossible. Let Click Assist help you and take on your email marketing for you. We will work with you so that we can tailor your email marketing to match your goals as a business. With that in mind lets have a conversation on how Click Assist can help make your business booming.

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